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Fabulous Leather & Cork Earrings~ Flattering on Everyone! 

Handcrafted in Colorado 

Everyone needs Really Red Cork~The perfect size & So Light.

Dec 20th is last shipping day 4 Christmas orders


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*Sizes listed include the leather/cork measurement only and do not include the ear wire. 

Please see "Sizes" Page for detailed pictures

If you are ordering a gift and would like me to include a note to the recipient, please write a message at the bottom of your order and I would be happy to address it :) 

Downtown Leather Co.

About Me

Hi there! My name is Rachael

I'm a Maryland girl who moved West with my family for my husbands job in January 2017.

Before we moved to Colorado I was a preschool teacher in Maryland. One of the awesome Moms at school bought me a pair of leather earrings as a teacher gift and I was hooked. I loved wearing them, felt fabulous when I did, and couldn't believe how light weight they were. They were statement earrings that I could hardly feel in my ears.

I quickly realized I needed more.  I wanted more colors, more styles, and more sizes.

Fast forward to November 2017, I started making the earrings myself and set up shop at my dining room table.

I have always loved fashion and accessories. I love being a little different and having some zing in my wardrobe. Put that together with the fact that I love being crafty and making things for other people, it's a perfect fit.

Downtown Leather Co was born.

I'm a Mom of 2 teenage boys, 16 & 17. We have (2) 95 lb Old English Bulldogs, Hurley & Otis, and I'm positive you will see all "my boys" in my photos.

Thank you for stopping by, 

I hope you love DLC earrings as much as I do.

Cheers!       Rachael     *I am wearing 24K in 2" Middle Child*

Quality is Everything

  • Great Leather and Cork are Unique. Every pair of DLC earrings has it's own subtle character. Rock your favorite DLC color, size & leather/cork knowing that no two pair are exactly alike. I only use genuine leather, natural Cork, sterling silver & 14kt Gold-filled ear wires.  *Surf's Up in Golden pictured

Feather Lite

  • Leather and Cork are beautiful, unique, and so light weight. DLC earrings make a statement without tugging on your ears like your other statement earrings. Buy a pair today and you'll see what a difference they make! *Classic 2.5" 24K pictured

If you Love your DLC earrings and I hope you do, Please post a review on my Facebook page :) Thank you! 

*Wholesale inquiries welcome- please email me*

When you're happy, I'm Happy :)

All Sales are Final, however , If you are ever not completely satisfied with your purchase of any DLC product, please Contact me and I will do everything I can to make it right.

Some things to know

Rubber Stoppers

In the past I never actually used the little rubber stoppers that came with earrings,  but now I do. Rubber Stoppers are a Must with DLC earrings. It also helps to gently squeeze the wire to your ear after you put them in. It helps mold the wire to your ear.

Keep your earrings dry

We've all heard it before... Put your earrings on last After using makeup, hairspray, & perfume. This is very true. Leather & Cork will last forever if you take good care of them. Do not take your earrings for a dip. They will not like the water at all.


Please store your DLC earrings flat. Lay them in your jewelry box, on a tray, or you can even hang them. I have a 12 x 12 framed box w chicken wire from Home Goods that I keep my collection hanging from.

O no I lost one...Can I buy just one?

Unfortunately you can't buy just one. 2 reasons. 1. I may not have that exact leather/cork any longer. 2.Because the leather/cork is so different from cut to cut and hide to hide it is very difficult to match it 

"Hair On"

The color and pattern variations, as well as slight shedding, are natural characteristics of genuine calf hair. Please take care to avoid excessive abrasion. Be very gentle when taking them in and out.

Need "Clip On"Style?

If you don't have your ears pierced or you can't wear 14K gold-filled or sterling silver wires, no problem, just email me or send me a message through FB/IG and tell me you would like clip on style and I can make any earring you would like.